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Oyster Point Yacht Club

More than a club, a community located at Oyster Point marina

More than a club, a community located at Oyster Point marina

More than a club, a community located at Oyster Point marina More than a club, a community located at Oyster Point marina

  • CLUB HOURS:  Closed between March 16th and April 2 due to COVID-19 precautions

Message to our members and guests

COVID-19 and the OPYC

To All OPYC Members and Guests:

It is with some serious reservations that I bring this message to our members and guests.  

I have included the link to the San Mateo County Health Department’s information so that everyone has all the information regarding this serious health crisis: 


The OPYC is gathering point for many diverse groups of people, including members, event participants, employees and guests.  There are common areas within the club that are a haven for the transmission of COVID-19.  As the corona-virus continues to spread, we need to do our part to limit exposure to our members, guests and employees.

As the Commodore I must make a difficult decision, which in my view is appropriate giving the severity of this pandemic, and bring it to the Board of Directors.  On March 13, 2020 in an emergency meeting the OPYC Board of Directors voted unanimously to close the Oyster Point Yacht Club to all members effective Monday, March 16 through Thursday, April 2nd.   At that time and depending on recommendations from the San Mateo County Board of Health, we will evaluate whether it is prudent to open the club.

During the closure, no members will be allowed access to the club.  All meetings and gatherings of the OPYC will be postponed until such time as it is safe to resume. I know this decision will not be popular with some members who enjoy the club on a weekly basis and it will inconvenience many.  However, it is imperative that we make our decision based what is best for our membership.

It is my hope that members will take the recommendations from the San Mateo County Health Department to heart and will support our decision to protect our club members and keep them safe and healthy. 


Bruce McPhillips



P.I.C.Y.A. Opening day on San Francisco bay

Opening Day on the Bay is an annual celebration of the maritime community on the San Francisco Bay. 

Opening day festivities include bay cruises on sailing ships, dining yachts and private boats.  There will be a decorated boat parade taking place along the San Francisco waterfront including boats decorated with streamers and flags as well as boats decorated with the 2020 Opening Day on the Bay theme "Bounties of the Bay".  Bay Area yachts clubs will be competing  for bragging rights and showing off their clubs beautiful yachts for everyone to see.