About Us

Oyster Point Yacht Club (OPYC) is a private, not-for-profit yacht club. Since 1964, club members have enjoyed a passion for boating. Oyster Point Yacht Club is dedicated to bringing boaters together in an atmosphere of camaraderie, fun and service. We offer a splendid waterfront venue for rental that suits any occasion, for non-members and members alike. From our location in South San Francisco, just north of the San Francisco Airport, we are easy to access via Hwy 101 from Oyster Point Blvd.

Commodore Ron BurnsStaff Commodore:  Ron Burns is a decorated Veteran of the US Navy and has been involved in boating for almost fifty years. Ron has a passion for boating and greatly enjoys the camaraderie at the Club. Prior to accepting the position of Commodore, Ron had the privilege of serving Oyster Point Yacht Club as House Director, Safety Officer, Rear Commodore and Vice Commodore.





Vice Commodore Kirby CombsCommodore: Kirby Combs joined the Oyster Point Yacht Club in 2007 when he purchased Well Spent. Kirby has held the position of Treasurer, Co-Membership Chair, and Bar Director. Kirby enjoys boating, cruise outs and the friendship of the OPYC members.



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